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June 6, 2008 at my request, one of my phone lines was disconnected. June 11, 2008 I received a call from RPM Collection and was informed Embarq turned my account of $63.52 over for collection. I informed them that I had a statement in front of me showing payment was not due until June 25, 2008. Further the $63.52 was for two lines and only one was disconnected.

I phoned Embarq and asked if my account was past due and was informed that it was not. I asked, then why was my account turned over to a collection agency? I spoke to the supervisor and was informed my account had not been turn over to a collection agency but rather to “in house collection”. I again phoned the collection agency and asked them if it was true that RPM Collection was a part of Embarq as the supervisor had represented to me. The person I was talking with said, “That was not true, that RPM Collection was a third party collection agency”. The supervisor had lied. Further the supervisor stated when an account is closed that without notifying the customer, it immediately was turned over to “in house collection” unless payment was made at the very time the phone was disconnected which according to Embarq own Residential Agreement is not true.

I made several phone calls to Embarq and the collection agency and although I ahve a 925 credit score have been lied to and treated as a third class citizen. I filed a complaint into the FTC for violations of the FDCPA and am in the process of filling a law suit against Embarq for violations of FDCPA and RPM Collection for violation of the FDCPA five day notice.

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